Yitong Tseo

Ph.D. Student, Department of Computational and Systems Biology (co-advised by Prof. Caroline Uhler)

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Email: yitongt


2020: Professional Certificate in Genetics & Genomics, Stanford University

2017: BA in Chemistry & Computer Science, Williams College

Background and Research Interests

While at Williams I tackled problems in biochemistry, programming languages, and graphics. From 2017 to 2021, I worked at Facebook, first as a back-end product engineer for Messenger and then as a machine learning specialist for Facebook Healthcare and the Facebook AR/VR assistant.

I am currently interested in post-translational modification (PTM) crosstalk and the structural implications of PTM proteoform disease profiles. With a specific interest in improving cancer diagnostic and intervention beyond the realm of genetics and into the age of proteomics. In my spare time I love outdoor climbing, hiking, cello, banjo, poetry, pottery, painting!


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