The Team

Principal Investigator

Rafael Gómez-Bombarelli

Postdoctoral Researchers

Johannes Dietschreit Reisel Millán Cabrera Alexander Hoffman Jiayu Peng

Graduate Students

James Damewood Simon Axelrod Kevin Greenman Aik Rui Tan Pablo Leon
Swagata Roy Jaclyn Lunger Gavin Winter Avni Singhal Jurģis Ruža
Akshay Subramanian Yuliia Orlova Mingrou Xie Xiaochen Du Yitong Tseo
Soojung Yang        

Undergraduate Students

Jonathan Shan BASc Materials Science and Engineering, University of Toronto (2024)
Saumya Thakur MS Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay (2023)
Alor Sahoo SB Computer Science, MIT (2026)


Martin Šípka Visiting PhD Student from Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)
Tetsunori Morishita Visitor from Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)
Hoje Chun Visiting PhD Student from Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea)
Lucia Vina Lopez Visitor
Nathan Walemba Visiting Master's Student from University of Oxford


Wujie Wang PhD Student (2018-2022) Now at Generate Biomedicines
Jessica Karaguesian Master's Student (2020-2022) Now a Knight-Hennessy Scholar / PhD Student at Stanford
Gabe Bradford Master's Student (2020-2022) Now at Urbix
Daniel Schwalbe-Koda PhD Student (2018-2022) Now at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Somesh Mohapatra PhD Student (2018-2022) Now completing MBA at MIT Sloan
Omar A. Santiago-Reyes UROP (2020-2022) Now a PhD Student at Caltech
Joyce An UROP (2020-2022) Now a PhD Student at Stanford
Cale Gregory UROP (2022) Pursuing SB in Computer Science at MIT (2023)
Elenna Kim UROP (2022) Pursuing SB in Computer Science at MIT (2025)
Aditi Saayujya UROP (2021-22) Pursuing SB in Materials Science and Engineering at MIT (2022)
Johannes P. Dürholt Visitor (2022) Now at Evonik
Yu Yang (Fredrik) Liu Postdoc (2020-2021) Now at DeepVerse
Shi Jun Ang Postdoc (2019-2021) Now at A*STAR (Singapore)
Tzuhsiung (Nick) Yang Postdoc (2019-2021) Now Assistant Professor at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)
Ricky Osterude Rey UROP (2019-2020) Now at Tesla
Diego Raygoza-Castanos UROP (2019-2020) Pursuing SB in Computer Science and Mathematics at MIT (2022)
William H Harris Master's Student (2018-2020) Now at Apro Resources, Inc
Daniel Marti Dafcik Visiting Master's Student from ETH Zurich (2020) Now a PhD Student at Oxford University
Jurģis Ruža Visiting Master's Student from EPFL (2020) Rejoined our group as a DMSE PhD student
Alexis Gervaix Visiting Master's Student from EPFL (2019) Now at GentleTouch / Swiss Airtainer